I worked in a team for this project themed ‘austerity’. We developed the idea of ‘The Modern Nomad’ for our outfit, as nomads are constantly using their resources to the full. From this idea we decided that almost every part of the outfit should have a second function. For example, the silver jacket can be worn as a coat or used as a tent. The materials used to make the outfit were up cycled and the dyes we used were either exhaust dyes or natural dyes that we made ourselves. We worked together to create the pom pom coat and split up the other tasks. I made the two headpieces and the shoes.

The outfit was featured in the Knitting and Stitching Show 2013 as well as being selected to be featured on Xpose.

CNV00015 (5).JPG

The headpiece has hidden pockets 

CNV00021 (6).JPG

The headpiece is reminicent of deer antlers, a nomadic animal 


I up cycled the shoes from a previous pair that were no longer fit to be worn. I cut the top away and added felt to the outside of the shoes. I crocheted the laces as a single thread was too weak. I then added a small pocket to the back of the shoe that holds a water proof cover to the shoe in case of rain.


Original sketches of what the outfit might look like

CNV00022 (7).JPG
CNV00024 (7).JPG

Created with Eimear Kinsella, Michelle McCann, Lia Moore, Pamela Nelson, Lisa O’Sullivan

Photos by Elsa Brightling   http://elsabrightling.blogspot.ie 

Model Alanna Blake @ The Morgan Agency